• Bug fix: user search now works for WordPress Multisite installs


  • Bug fix: conflict between jQuery UI styles and core colour picker


  • New look for the Butler dialog. Props @dominicwhittle.
  • Added ‘switch’ keyword for switching sites on Multisite Networks


  • Swapped out deprecated function
  • Added tooltip for new Toolbar menu item


  • Added admin bar shortcut to use WP Butler by simply clicking it in the admin bar
  • Added admin bar shortcut-related hooks, including for the admin bar item and CSS classes


  • Adds a filter which allows you to modify the term and actions allowing users to similuate the behavoir of “keyword” actions (ie “search”, “edit” and “view”). Props @spivurno.
  • Moved built-in keywords to methods.
  • Implemented search across all post types, with filtering by keyword.
  • Implemented user search.


  • Implemented ‘edit’ alternative keyword for ‘search’ (more purposeful), also implemented new ‘view’ keyword. Props @stephenh1988.
  • Keywords are now translatable
  • Updated keyword translations for Russian, Swedish, Hindi, and Chinese (not reliable, used Google Translate :()
  • Added German translations. Props @bueltge.
  • Adds settings for Multisite networks. Props @bueltge.
  • Implemented capability checks


  • Implemented localization, including translations for Russian, Swedish, Hindi, and Chinese


  • Added support for the remainder the of admin menu items
  • Added support for taxonomies, including custom taxonomies
  • Added support for search (core post types only) with keyword ‘search’
  • Surprise me!


  • Added support for custom post types
  • No longer shows irrelevant actions in Network Admin


  • Plugin description now shows the keyboard shortcut to call your butler.
  • Bug fixed where butler input field appear below menu in certain circumstances.


  • Changed structure to object-oriented.
  • Implemented jQuery UI CSS, props Helen Hou-Sandi ( https://github.com/helenhousandi/wp-admin-jquery-ui )


  • Updated to move the functionality to a keyboard shortcut and modal arrangement. Now accessible from any admin screen.


  • This is the first initial release to test the concept. Would love to know what you think.